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Welding processes: welding (tig, mig and arc welding), oxy acetylene, brazing, plaster, ceramic and wax forms

Construction processes: welded, styrofoam and wood armature construction, for clay, paper, plaster cement and wax forms

Subtractive processes: carving – plaster, clay, wood and stone

Manipulation: plaster construction, clay and wax modeling

Surfacing: wax, oil based, chemical patinas, varied painted surfaces and ceramic pit firing and glaze techniques

Substitution: Aluminum casting with lost styrofoam/sand and terra cotta casting with an operating and technical knowledge in lost wax/plaster investment casting, paper casting, slip mold casting, and plaster casting

Equipment: Most welding machines, speedy melt furnace, basic wood shop equipment, electric and gas kilns and all electric and handheld tools found in sculpture, woodworking, and ceramic studios


Practice and Process: Hand building, throwing on the potters wheel and mold making

Additive processes: Hand Building methods in coil, slab and pinch construction

Subtractive processes: modeling and carving

Manipulation: Press mold methods, drape molds, surface stamping, incising, deconstruction and reconfiguring handbuilt and thrown forms

Surfacing: Knowledge of minerals and formulating glazes. Glazing and under glazing for mid and low range firing for both electric and gas kilns, pit and sager firing, oxide and mason stain painting, terra sigillata, raku glazing and horse hair raku techniques

Throwing on the potters wheel: Throwing basic forms on the wheel for both sculptural work and functional ware

Claybodies: Stoneware, terre cotta, porcelain, paperclay, slip casting and Raku clay bodies

Equipment: Skutt and Evenheat electric kilns, Alpine and Bailey gas kilns – including a car kiln, all electric and handheld tools found in sculpture, wood working, and ceramic studios

3D and 2D Design

Practice: the design process, creative problem solving, elements of art structure, principles of arrangement and color theory

Media applications: technical pen, cut & construct, India ink and water based painting applications, wire forms, Polymer and plasticine clay, introduction of fibers and sculpture techniques in combination with basic computer applications and presentations


Practice and Process: visualization & drawing from life, natural, figure drawing, perspective systems

Media applications: graphite, pen and Ink, charcoal, graphite, color pencils, pastels, oil and chalk pastels, and markers


Practice and Processs: Water based applications, Ink wash, Plein air, Oil based applications, encaustics

Media applications: Gouache, watercolor, acrylic, ink wash, tempera, encaustic, oils, soluble pastels and encaustic

* I have expertise in oil, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic and mural painting as well as techniques in graffiti and common materials/mixed media experimentation.

Computer / Digital

Systems: MAC and PC platforms (navigation and system maintenance)

Graphic applications: Word, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint

Other: digital photography, scanning

Fiber Arts

Papermaking: casting, sheet production

Construction: Sewing, embroidery and soft forms

Surface design: Batik and Shibori

Equipment: Varied sewing machines including the juke lockstitch machine and surger trained


Intaglio: drypoint, hard ground etching, soft ground etching

Relief: woodcut, linocut, collographic printing

Monoprinting: monotype, xerox transfer, stamping and chine-collé


Professional Development

Gallery and collections management, archival methods for works on paper, arts resources, portfolio development, resume writing, grant writing, community outreach / involvement, self promotion

Teaching for Understanding

Project Zero training as a Master Teaching Artist in assessment, protocols, multiple intelligences, teaching and learning through collaborative inquiry with emphasis in ecology and environmental observation and awareness

Television Production

Field training: field camera operation, field lighting, outreach studio

Studio training: linear editing, studio lighting, soundboard operation, engineering board operation, and character generator operation

*Certification for television production with Soundview Community Media, Inc., Bridgeport, CT